The Buyer Timeline

  1. Select a REALTOR. Ensure a good working relationship by discussing your expectations upfront. <Read More>
  2. Get Pre-Approved. Determine how much you can afford by working with a loan professional. <Read More>
  3. Start Your Search. Define your needs (beds, baths, location), wants (pool, style) and budget. <Read More>
  4. Submit an Offer. Discuss areas of negotiation that can enhance your offer with the seller. <Read More>
  5. Offer Accepted. Earnest and option money checks delivered to title company and seller immediately. <Read More>
  6. Conduct Inspection. Order your inspection immediately to understand the condition of your new home. <Read More>
  7. Order Appraisal. Lender will finalize your loan folder and submit to underwriting. <Read More>

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